Why saying “Bad” is a “Good” Idea ?

Venezuela has taken back it’s decision of demonetization. Six other countries miserably failed in captioned exercise, Indian’s did it more or less without any across the country agitation. Problems are there in implementation but results are really promising. The real impacts will be assessed next year.

Interestingly certain new things have come up which challenges our perception about human behavior. I strongly object to the belief that everyone is honest till he/she/it come across the opportunity to earn money by unfair means  and the pondering point is : how  the culture of transient life immersed in the concept of illusion can deliver this morbid form of greed?

One more important thing has come out while discussing the matter in “elite” forums, the culture of pessimism. We have come to a point that we doubt everyone, everything and everywhere. If I meet someone and talk very negative about the third person, other one will not ask any evidence. He/ She simply agree to it. We forgot to appreciate. If I talk something great about someone people want proof. What rotten minds we are creating?

Why did this happen? This does not happen in a day or two. Society must have been cheated for years on years to develop such stinking mentality. We have been cheated for thousands of years so our collective consciousness imbibe all negative things immediately and it takes time to see any good in anything. If you don’t agree just talk about something/ someone with any of your friend and see how strong logic you need to make your point. Abuse someone and nobody will question you in-fact they will second you in no time. Hurrah! You just made a new friend.

The Impacts: The most important aspect is that the “Trust” has become the scarce material. Since we are eager to believe in negative gossips, if I start talking negative about any event or person everyone echos and I increased my followers. The media also gives space to those who oppose and create room for suspicion. You appreciate Government’s initiative, a thought process or an event, so called “pseudo intellectual” start creating hue and cry. Healthy doubt is good but If it becomes the part of culture, its sick. One more thing we miss the beauty of “Trust”. Hunger of publicity is taking away our strong culture just because of few rotten minds. We must not let that happen. Start asking hundreds of questions if negativity knocks your ear.

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