Top Entrepreneurship for kids courses in India

Entrepreneurship for kids courses

Every day when we go in for parties, get together, family reunion or simple visits to neighbors. One thing is pretty common. An adult ask the question to the kids for sure. “What do you want to be in future”. Answer is also known to many of us; Children reply, A Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, Army men or anything they have been exposed to or in harder words “What their parents put in the mind of kids”. What if your child wishes to become an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship which promises the best of your child is often ignored as a subjective thing which no visible career path. Neither child can visualize “How an entrepreneur looks like”? Nor it can be perceived by their parents. Neither specific uniform nor any tools, which is unique to their profession. We at Leader to Creator, The first company to launch Entrepreneurship For Kids In India have come up with certain must have of Entrepreneurship which are considered as consequences.

Entrepreneurship for kids courses The program is intended to impart certain skill set. We have identified the following.

  • Technical Skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Spiritual skills
  • Functional skills

In this article we are going to discuss certain personal traits which are essential ingredients of an entrepreneur

The Value of Hard Work

The value of hard work is the most important thing which is not an skill but kids must be inspired to put in their hundred percent in all the activities they take on.


Yes! No matter what people say but environment outside is tough and entrepreneurs need to have a tougher skin to go out and do things

Innovation and creativity

Entire economy of a nation and its citizen is dependent upon innovation and creativity. Developing new products, new services, and brilliant solutions is all part of this


Let the questions fill up the room, Doubts must be respected and answer must be explored along with kids. Those students whose curiosity has been watered they often try new things with enthusiasm



Self confidence without backup is a bad idea. Most stupid often are very very  confident. But if clarity and backup of intelligence id put forward the confidence is the result


Do you feel the pain of others? If not then not only humanity suffers but your business too because once the Entrepreneur feel the pain of other’s , their problems, They come out with solution. The Idea factory is the set of problem


If you are good when everything is good, you are no good. When you are still good when things are worst. You are fantastic. An entrepreneur must always remain optimistic rather than being broken when deals do not crack/

Giving back

Less money is for you. Bit more is for your family but too much is not yours. It belongs to the society which helped you to become a wealth creator. This is what the most important lesson is.


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