Entrepreneurship for Kids Program in India

Entrepreneurship for kids  Program in India

Fantastic brand name of school. Nice building. Modern teachers and year on year he scores A+. Bravo. What happens when the same children reach on higher class or life looks at them closely. Most of them fail then and there.

Almost 20 years of education is of no use once they are out to show their mettle to the world. They loose focus, Inability to take decisions, want security or reservation from the government. They mess up the entire career path. They keep changing their direction, course, universities and colleges finally standing in the placement queue.

During my university days as Assistant Professor I met some of the brilliant mind but from students to the faculties everyone was looking for NEXT BETTER JOB. So one and half million qualified engineers we are producing and only three hundred thousand jobs. Here the story starts of corruption depression, unemployment lower economic growth and what not?


From schools to universities the pathways of careers are predecided by society as a whole. We teach them all like getting A+, Cracking tests playing music drama damn everything. This is all for what? To make their life comfortable and prosperous, In simpler terms we want them to make money. Tell me one school which teaches about money and money making? We want money but no one teaches us How to Make Money and How Money Works?

We do not let our children go out and help them in realizing their dreams. Here comes the role of ” Entrepreneurship” It is not just about establishing companies. Its a skill set and a developing a mindset of identifying problems and needs and their creative solution. It is a way of thinking, innovting and going for calculated risk. Leader To Creator is a group of passionate people to work on grassroots and fostering new generation of Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship for kids  Program in India

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