Entrepreneurship for Kids Program in India

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Entrepreneurship for kids  Program in India Fantastic brand name of school. Nice building. Modern teachers and year on year he scores A+. Bravo. What happens when the same children reach on higher class or life looks at them closely. Most of them fail then and there. Almost 20 years of education is of no use […]


What is the date today ? Simple ….NO

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Barring few with gray hairs almost everyone has discarded the Indian calendar system. Not because it is worthless but so difficult to understand for IQ challenged era. Seems illogical that in Indian calendar suddenly one date just disappears; after 5th you enter into 7th ridiculous. This drove me to write something for convent educated folks. Indian spiritual […]


Why saying “Bad” is a “Good” Idea ?

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Venezuela has taken back it’s decision of demonetization. Six other countries miserably failed in captioned exercise, Indian’s did it more or less without any across the country agitation. Problems are there in implementation but results are really promising. The real impacts will be assessed next year. Interestingly certain new things have come up which challenges […]