Leader To Creator India’s first Entrepreneurship for kids program has recently joined hands with AHILYAA an NGO under the aegis of Chakshu Association as esteemed implementation program.

No child should be left behind! It’s an act passed in U.S. Parliament. Same is true for our vision @Leader To Creator. We are India’s first organization, to offer the program #Entrepreneurship For Kids. However our reach was restricted to few selected schools just because of lean management structure and our span of reach.

We are honoured to join hands with Ahilya group an NGO which has a very rich experience in working with public sector agencies and implemented various learning based programs in rural India. Ahilya shall be helping us to expand the program to public sector schools to ensure No child should be left behind

About us

Entrepreneurship For Kids In India – Leader To Creator

Leader To Creator is a group of passionate and professional trainers. Our experience while teaching in universities and working in corporate proved that Entrepreneurship is all about changing the mindset there by changing the culture. Kid’s mind evolves with exposure and by imparting necessary skills. Thus evolved Entrepreneurship for kids program in India.

As per the age, we have scientifically designed curriculum, which is a blend of technical skills, soft skill and life skills.We use latest technology to interact with the participants. We add fun in learning by live projects, camps, smart classes and business games.

Why Entrepreneurship for kids program in India is Relevant:

  • Our kids will either work in a business or buy from a business
  • Entrepreneurship is not taught in school but is the most relevant subject
  • Life skills learned to prepare for business will contribute to success in life
  • Entrepreneurship can be a very positive activity and great influence on kids
  • Developing kids with business skills will lead to entrepreneurship
  • Engaging kids in business will change business through educated influence
  • Business changes lives

Entrepreneurship For Kids In India

What is Entrepreneurship?: Different people have defined entrepreneurship in different ways however for past few years, there is a sudden buzz around entrepreneurship  which has started all over the world . Normally entrepreneurship is referred to the people who are in business, who work on an idea and then convert it into a business model, which is profitable for them and then society as a whole.  We at “Leader To Creator” Entrepreneurship for kids program in India define entrepreneurship as recognizing a problem or challenge which is faced by a group of people in society and come out with an innovative solution for the problem and implement the solution in a cost effective way for the market. Thus  building the wealth for the individual and nation however the entrepreneurship is not restricted to business only or making money but it’s also comprises of a skill set which is required in any type of profession. Nowadays all the profession required the same skill set from individual which are basically the skill set of an entrepreneur like critical thinking and problem solving. Parents often come to me that my kid wants to become a doctor how your course is going to support this cause and I answer them: Have you seen, two doctors passed out from the same Medical College possessing the same degree and practicing in the same town have different kind of response from the society at one place there is a crowd of people and other is looking for the clients or praying to the God so that people fall ill in the nearby areas. The differences are entrepreneurship traits. During  Entrepreneurship for kids program in India we say entrepreneurship skill set is not only focused on business but also on the personality development communication strategies branding and personal behavioral traits at the same time it also focuses on the leadership styles as per the demand of Business and whole gamut of things which are required to be successful in any profession. People also ask me that courses like Entrepreneurship for kids program in India which are required to be imparted after post graduation level as we have in India that after graduation when people opt for MBA then only they start learning about the economy and business. My response to the concerned parents is that when I was a professor in a University people often come to me at the time of placement drives of MBA that “ Sir will I get a better job if I opt for the entrepreneurship course” I say : No you have already learnt about the business why don’t you start of your own but the mind set has become such that the people don’t want to take risk and start their own business how much they suffer in their job is of no concern. That was the day when I decided that I will not wait for the kids to become grown up and then teach them business which is of no use, because already mindset has been framed. My job as founder of first Entrepreneurship for kids program in India is to impart this skill set at the very tender age and not obsessed about 9 to 5 lifestyle. when the students are in class  5th to 10th so that they understand Business Economics Money Finance Marketing and everything because you cannot keep them away from the business maybe they are just customer  or influencer. Kids are always in world of business. Our job is to open up and give them the necessary input for their own understanding of transaction.

Component of the program : We Entrepreneurship for kids program in India have scientific designed course content which is recognized worldwide and  being imported all across the world to the kids. Leader To Creator is the first Organization in India to launch entrepreneurship for kids program  in India we have created a curriculum of 60 hours which consists of lectures, training, on the job training, Business games and project work. Question is what do we teach (For details check prospectus)  we have the curriculum which consists of teaching about Money, Business, Government, Branding Products service Designing, Personality development, Communication skills, Leadership skills, Presentation skills, advertisement, connecting the target market, understanding the economics and a whole lot of other topics which you can find out from website Generally people think that these are the subjects not meant for the young ones but our experience says that students take much interest in the subjects then the regular courses as this does not have any kind of homework and the subjects and the topics are mesmerizing for the students as this is the first time in their life to understand the mechanism of economics and business At the end of Entrepreneurship for kids program in India students also come across their own true self, they recognize their own hidden talent and come out with the proper planning and implementation strategies. We have designed a certain Business games which students can be a part of and enthusiasm is remarkable. Once you teach student the Vision, Goal setting, forecasting the future their eyes just sparkle from the sheer excitement of learning entrepreneurship.

What other countries are doing about it?

Entrepreneurship for kids program in India was launched by leader to creator under the aegis of kosmolity Consulting Private Limited. we are the first one in India to come out with this program and we have successfully carried out this program in different part of the India in various schools however in other countries almost all the developed countries or the developing  have introduced this program as a part of the regular curriculum or as an extracurricular activity because everybody knows that it is going to be challenge to accommodate all the people in regular jobs with concentrated economic activity for example in India we are producing two million engineering graduates but put together of public sector and private sector jobs are creating approximately a quarter million jobs for them. As a generation we failed to empower students so that they can start their own business and be happy about it. Normally they start the business and there is nothing else to do and then they fail miserably due to lack of necessary mindset and skill set. We need to change that as early as possible hence Entrepreneurship for kids program in India All other countries have declared certain amount of money to kids to start their own projects. Taiwan, Finland, Germany have started the program. UK and USA are excelling in this. we  in India now introducing the concept like startup India standup India with much hype and executed successfully because everybody knows this is the engine which will drive our economy into the future. We have started Entrepreneurship for kids program in India. India is not looking for neither needs corporate giants but with this program of entrepreneurship qualities we are looking at the islands of the entrepreneurs. we want people to start their small scale companies and make it big.

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